If engaged in a lawsuit, it is important for the contractor to retain control. Working well with your lawyer is a key to keeping control. Lawyers need lots of accurate information, for which you will be the source. It is a good idea to start with a lawyer who has a basic understanding of the construction industry, but expect to have to explain some things. When communicating with your lawyer, make sure you tell them everything you can about the situation. Do not screen information, telling only what you think to be important. The more information the lawyer has, the better your chances of winning the case. Keep lines of communication open--if you remember something you forgot to mention earlier, call your lawyer. Expect to talk with your lawyer at least once a month during a case, possibly daily for active matters. When the case is inactive, allow your lawyer leeway to work within the system. Be certain of your intent when you give a lawyer authority to proceed--changing your mind halfway through is costly and troublesome. If you feel uncomfortable with your lawyer for any reason, or your lawyer won't talk to you in understandable terms, get a new lawyer. Always inquire as to the fee structure, and how your money will be used. You should find out the highest fee you could possibly be charged if things get really nasty.