Concrete professionals broaden their understanding of sustainable products at a pervious concrete seminar and demonstration hosted by the PCA in Skokie, Ill.
Final draft on the way

When the SDC completes its Vision Document, it will outline the broad goals and strategies to which all segments of the industry can align their sustainability activities. It will ensure that concrete is designed, specified, produced, installed, and applied in a way that enables an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment. A final draft of the document is expected to be complete by April.

The process of developing a common vision has already had positive effects. As more of our leaders have become interested in sustainability, the entire industry has become increasingly aware of the importance of action, versus just talk.

The SDC's efforts have also generated positive feedback from the green community. These include architects, contractors, and key people in green organizations. By reaching out for participation and critique, concrete industry stakeholders have turned some skeptics of our environmental efforts into allies.

The SDC hopes to expand its initiative to include participants from Mexico and beyond, in addition to current U.S. and Canadian representatives.

It's not too late to get with the program. A full-day Concrete Sustainability Workshop will be held in conjunction with ACI's Spring Convention in Los Angeles on March 29. It is open to anyone interested in reviewing and debating the proposed sustainability strategy, including industry sustainability targets, key initiatives, and plans for the coming decades.

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