Below: With sizes available for practically all color tote containers, this wrapping system efficiently heats the container. The two-level thermostat design prevents heating air when the fluid level drops to the half way point.
This new 55-gallon drum wrap system comes with a tough inner and outer cover, and features a ready-to-plug-in digital control for pinpoint warming.

Producers looking for an efficient method to warming those special admixture drums and liquid color storage containers should welcome the introduction of BriskHeat's full-coverage drum heater. Not only does the new product aid in protecting temperature-sensitive chemicals, it also features an energy-saving digital controller.

These new drum heaters are the most recent of a long line of chemical warming devices created by the Columbus, Ohio, manufacturer, which has provided such products to our industry for more than 56 years.

Wrapping up drums

The new drum wrap has several efficient features not found on previous barrel heaters. The inner and outer covers are made with a silicon-impregnated facing cloth that resists most chemicals and grime. Wrapping the unit is easy, as the closing edge uses a Velcro-like fastener to ensure tightness. Sandwiched by the protective cover is a 1-inch-thick insulation mat that provides effective heat containment.

The drum wrap comes in two styles. The steel drum wrap can impart a total 1600 watts of heat, or a maximum temperature of 450° F to the lower third of the containers. The other wrap style is designed for plastic 55-gallon barrels. It uses up to 800 watts over the container's lower two-thirds to provide a maximum heating temperature of 160° F.

Unique to both full-coverage wrap systems is the digital controller producers can use to monitor and control heating options. Producers can use the controller to establish a set point or target temperature. Once the controller senses that the set point has been reached, it will turn off the heating element. The controller will turn on the heating element when it senses a temperature drop of five degrees.

The controller not only adjusts easily, it also provides a visual and audible alarm of a function failure. The controller has three failure mode messages. The alarm will also sound if the barrel warms more than 15° F above the set point.

Keeping liquid pigment warm

For producers looking for an effective way to keep those newly installed liquid color containers warm, the manufacturer also offers a Tote wrap heater. These wraps are designed to fit cages, plastic, or metal totes. The product features an adjustable nylon wrapping system accommodating practically all standard container widths. Two strapping wraps go across the top; three secure the cover around the tote tank. The manufacturer offers wraps in three heights.

Each wrap has its own thermostat. The producer can adjust the heat range from 50° F to160° F. The controller is unique, as it has two heating zones. As the tank empties, you only heat the lower half, as the upper zone shuts off. There is also a built-in high-limit safety set at 195° F.

Both units are fully grounded and arrive to the plant ready for immediate plug-in. They are designed for inside use.

To learn more about these and other special heating products, contact the manufacturer, BriskHeat, at 800-848-7673, or visit