An optical measurement system can speed the test sieve verification process.

One sieve verification alternative that might aid producers in conforming to the C 1077 practice is a new inspection instrument. The tool combines a special vision measurement system with a computer software program that inspects, records, and analyzes sieve wear.

Introduced in 2008, the calibrator automates the verification process. The system is in full compliance with the ASTM E 11 and ISO 3310 standards.

ASCS is a precision optical instrument that scans and measures openings and wire diameters, and supporting sieves up to 18 inches in diameter, with openings from 20 microns to 12.5 mm. The instrument sends results to a spreadsheet imbedded with full analysis, including descriptive statistics, pass/fail information, compliance width standards, and raw measurement data.

The manufacturer reports that some testing labs where test sieve certification is critical for day-to-day operations have found the investment worthwhile. For more information on the ASCS, visit the manufacturer's Web site at