Exposed to salt-laden wind from the Atlantic Ocean and to the corrosive exhaust from spacecraft engines, the concrete cooling towers at the John F. Kennedy Space Center are providing good service life after treatment with a specialized admixture and repair material.

The admixture, which is non-chloride and environmentally safe, contains a formulation of chemicals that will form a barrier around the rebar embedded in the hardened concrete. The barrier protects the steel from corrosion from carbonation, chlorides, or other atmospheric conditions. The admixture is added during the initial batching process to ensure a thorough dispersal throughout the mix. Tests have proven that the special formulation does not affect plastic or hardened concrete quality.

To learn more about MCI 2000, the product used on the Kennedy Space Center project, visit, or telephone 651-429-1100. Cortec Corp. markets the product under a partnership agreement with NASA.