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Liquid admixture reduces need for cement

OPTEC Paver Enhancer reduces the cost of paver and segmental retaining walls by achieving comparable strength properties with less cement. It can enhance color dispersion, help minimize secondary efflorescence, and provide mix plasticity. This ready-to-use liquid admixture can be used in concrete plants producing other low-slump concrete products where improved physical properties and aesthetics are desired. Grace Construction Products. 877-423-6491. WOC Booth #N425.

Surface aging system

The Tumblemaster aging system provides increased output at a low unit cost. This system treats paving stones and retaining walls both inline and offline without subjecting the surface to force impact. Different programmable settings provide a range of treatment finishes for different products. Hess Machinery Ltd. 905-575-4440. WOC Booth #N313.

Reads combined moisture

The MPAQ TouchBatch system reads combined moisture of all materials in the mixer and calculates the exact water target to achieve the desired moisture. Performing the same function of a stand-alone moisture control computer, the software is integrated with the batch software. It's easy to alternate between dry- and wet-cast products. Features include unattended operation, remote demand stations, and management reports. MPAQ Automation Inc. 888-672-0349. WOC Booth #N547.

Multi-use toolbox

The 54701 Hi-Viz three-tier toolbox provides space and organization in a compact and durable unit. It is weather-resistant and withstands the rigors of the jobsite. The toolbox can also be used as a step stool and seat, with a storage compartment in the top tray. The Hi-Viz toolbox wheel caddy also provides mobility and has durable wheels and an axle that withstands uneven surfaces. Klein Tools. 800-553-4676. WOC Booth #N1065.

Operations management and dispatch system

The Access Unlimited system maximizes the efficiency and productivity of any concrete plant using client/server architecture for fast, efficient operations over networks, modems, and cell phones. Orders are taken faster, and scheduling graphs can be customized to reflect truck or plant demand. The system can also be integrated with accounting systems. Jonel Engineering. 800-432-4567. WOC Booth #N719.

Twin shaft mixer

Multiple pipes distribute water quickly for fast mixing in the Wiggert DWM 4500CC twin shaft mixer. Processing aggregates up to 6 inches, the mixer is lined with replaceable, wear-resistant armored wear liners for long life. An oversized discharge gate allows a short cycle time. The mixer, suited for the ready-mix and precast industries, is driven by two heavy-duty motors, V-belts, and gear reductions. Advanced Concrete Technologies Inc. 603-431-5661. WOC Booth #N949.

ICF corner provides design flexibility

The Tritex 11.25-inch, 45-degree Corner Form offers design flexibility for ICF construction. With a core concrete width of 7.5 inches, it is sized to match framing lumber dimensions. Ties are positioned every 6 inches on center for stability and strength. Reward Wall Systems. 800-468-6344. WOC Booth #N159.

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