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In the discussion of fly ash and its use in the concrete industry, the American Concrete institute is a key information provider. To help professionals in the industry make their own decisions regarding the classification of fly ash, the ACI staff has created a Web site with educational material on the topic. They plan to post the results of an industry-wide survey on the issue in late October. See www.flyash.concrete.org.

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The American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) is providing interested parties an opportunity to express to the EPA that the agency's proposed "hazardous" rule threatens green jobs, opposes sound science, and will cost taxpayers unneccessary expenses. They provide a form letter, very similar to those developed by environmental groups, that is ready for entry into the EPA rule proposal docket. ACAA also provides a link for submitting personal letters prior to the scheduled close of the public comment period, Nov. 19, 2010. See the ACAA web site, www.acaa-usa.org.