Davin Maki, operator of the Brett Admixtures mobile laboratory, performs an air test at a producer's plant.
Maki tests a cylinder inside the lab.

Ready-mix, pre-cast, pipe plants, and block producers all have benefited from this approach. The mobile lab also has a dry-cast compaction system available to simulate results on dry-cast products. Cement chemistry and admixture technology change daily.

The two materials depend on one another to perform to their maximum capabilities. Therefore, the lab technician needs to have a wide assortment of materials available. If one polycarboxylate molecule doesn't respond well with a particular cement, change is needed instantly. When these changes take place in a 1-cubic-foot batch versus a 10-yard load of concrete, the benefit of this lab becomes clear.

Before the Brett Mobile lab, customers (or potential customers), were always faced with a disruption in their businesses to try something new. This is no longer the case. It is critical in today's economy to optimize everything. Getting the most from available materials and providing innovative solutions to customer needs is essential to survival.

— Bill Butler is an employee of Euclid Chemical Co. and is a sales liaison to Brett Admixtures.

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