Network-based inventory system

The SiloTrack inventory management software version 3.5 includes a graphical interface for as many as 128 silos. The system works with cable-based or radar-based level sensors and can handle two alarms per silo. Other features include e-mail notification, automatic report generation and transmission, and remote LAN/WAN access. Monitor Technologies. 800-766-6486.

Oxide pigments for concrete

Yipin pigments are available in eight types for almost any concrete coloring application. Made from metallic oxides, they include chrome, anticorrosion, pearl luster, and ultramarine blue. The colors also come in many different types of packaging, including disintegrating bags, barrels, drums, or bottles. Yipin Pigments. 909-390-3881.

Why use wood?

These 8-inch polystyrene forms are easier to install than wood framing. The insulating concrete forms stack neatly and are reinforced with steel rebar. Plus, everything can be hand-cut, so users don't even need power tools. When compared to wood-frame structures, buildings constructed with these forms require nearly half the energy needed to heat. Also they are sound-resistant and more fire-safe. Arxx Building Products. 800-293-3210.

Pilaster forms for tall ICF walls

For commercial and institutional construction, the Logix Pilaster Form allows builders to quickly and simply create pilasters in insulated concrete walls. This eliminates the need to introduce conventional concrete forms into high-build insulating concrete form (ICF) projects. It also reduces construction costs. Logix Insulated Concrete Forms. 888-415-6449.

Larger concrete footing form

Originally for residential foundations, Form-A-Drain now comes in larger 10-inch x 12-foot lineal sections for light commercial construction. The three-in-one system consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lineal sections used to form the footing and remain in place after concrete is poured. Because it forms a loop around the foundation and is equipped with multiple side vents, it also serves as a groundwater drainage and radon reduction system. CertainTeed Corp. 800-233-8990.

Formliners offer design latitude

Graylastic formliners provide maximum design latitude for precast or cast-in-place applications. Made from polyurethane and bonded to plywood, they can be used up to 100 times and are not affected by heat or cold. They are also available in sizes up to 30 feet long and can be easily cut in the field. Odd sizes and custom fabrications are also available. Fitzgerald Formliners. 800-547-7760.

Water heaters for concrete

Available in oil, liquid propane, or natural gas firing, Sioux water heaters boast a coil design that allows complete draining to prevent damage from freezing and corrosion. These portable, modular heaters are available with a combination burner so the heater can use oil or gas. Sioux Corp. 888-763-8833.

Modular dust collection system

The Cartridge Pulse Modular Dust Collector features improved cartridge and cleaning system designs. The units can be combined to provide up to 20,000 cfm. They ship pre-assembled, there is no confined entry, and all service points are at ground level. C&W Mfg. & Sales Co. 800-880-3878.

Crane attachment delivers

The Magic Arm is a rigging device for cranes that safely delivers construction loads to elevated floors without the scaffolding or platforms typically needed to transfer those loads. Designed with a lifting hook and C-shaped double pulley, it positions a loaded pallet directly onto any floor. The crane operator maneuvers the top arm onto the upper floor until it lies flush, and the load is then lowered to the floor. Nycon Inc. 800-456-9266.

Slab edge insulation

The new EnergyEdge slab-on-grade forming system provides insulation around the perimeter of the concrete slab, reducing heat loss over time. The E-shaped rail contains EPS insulation and leaves a finished look while reducing waste. It is compatible with many slab placement techniques and installs using similar procedures and tools. EnergyEdge LLC. 316-618-1983.