Molecular cement dissolver

Back-Set molecular cement dissolver is an alternative to acids. It turns hardened cement into rinsable mud, though it's not hazardous to equipment, or corrosive to paint, and is non-fuming. With its active ingredient from sugar cane syrup, it is also biodegradable. RoMix Chemical & Brush Inc. 800-331-2243.

Composite formwork panels

Futura-PC is a lightweight composite panel for concrete formwork. At ½-inch-thick, it is about half the weight of ¾-inch plywood, with none of the delamination or water-absorption issues. The panel features a composite overlay that provides a clean release and architectural finish. Maxam Industries. 866-629-2688.

Micro-feed screws

The SPL micro-feed metering screw, generally fixed beneath the main screw feeder close to the outlet, lets you precisely control material quantities. Before reaching the set feed rate, the main screw feeder is stopped by a proximity switch to allow the micro-feed screw to feed the missing quantity of material through the main screw feeder's outlet. The product is suitable for abrasive materials. Wam USA Inc. 800-782-9161.

Work functions from one platform

Keystone is a new software package that runs batch controls, dispatch, GPS tracking, and accounting functions on one platform. It handles any size operation, from a single ready-mix plant to multi-site, multi-state operations. Running off one data set ensures security, function, versatility, and predictability. It features sliders and mouseover menus, which simplify navigation. GivenHansco Inc. 866-310-0060.

Overlay applies in layers

QC Concrete Resurfacer is an ultra-thin, trowelable overlay that is a combination of liquid polymers and specially formulated color powders. Applied in layers of 20 to 90 mils, it can also be brushed on, sprayed on, or applied with squeegees. It comes in 30 standard colors and works with chemical or penetrating stains for unique patterns and colorful designs. QC Construction Products. 800-453-8213.

Equipment Web site refurbished provides producers with a global marketplace for buying and selling used and new equipment. The revamped Web site offers easy and quick navigation through a wealth of available content. 866-267-4766.

Windows-based batching system

CommandBatch provides flexibility and power in a Windows-based batching system. It features weigh-up utilities, a ticket format helper, discharge diagnostics, and data export/import tools. The optional order entry system is designed for the small, but growing producer that needs to automate the plant and its order-taking functions. Command Alkon. 800-624-1872.