Harvey Hoyer, Original Concrete Pumping, Bensenville, Illinois; Pete Horner, O’Brien Concrete Pumping, Phoenix, Arizona; Gunther Merli, Merli Concrete Pumping, Gardena, California; Tom Hollerbach, Retired - Hollerbach Equipment Co., Bob Weatherton, The Concrete Pump Store, Claremont, California; Dale Bone, Sr., Retired – Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping, Seattle, Washington; Richard O’Brien, O’Brien Companies, Inc., Denver, Colorado; Duane Perrin, American Standard Concrete Pumping, Gardena, California; Roger Phares, Retired - Schwing America, Mesa, Arizona; and Donald Taylor, Retired – Construction Forms and past ACPA Executive Director, Port Charlotte, Florida.

Forty years ago this past March, a group of Southern California concrete pumpers led by Bill Drake of Hydracrete Corp, rallied together concrete pumpers, manufacturers and distributors from all areas of the country to form a national association which would represent the interests of the concrete pumping industry. Their first organizational meeting was held aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California on March 01, 1974.
At this time, they elected officers and hired a professional management firm, Trade Association Consultants, to oversee its operations. Elected as the first officers were: Bill Drake, President; Arthur DiNatale, Vice-President; Dick Stone, Secretary and Dick Henry, Treasurer. Pump Directors included, Bill Cross, Frank Sambol, Ron Bailey, LaForest Twitchel, and George Neel. Distributor Director was Frank Barradas and Manufacturer Directors were Bruce MacLellan and Tom Hollerbach.

On March 18, 1974 the American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) was officially incorporated as a State of California non-profit corporation.

The organization experienced many ups and downs over the years, especially during the first 20. Not only were there several changes in management teams, but even a time when there was no management at all. And it also went broke not once, but several times with many members asked to donate money from their own pockets to keep the association afloat. With the heart, soul and sweat from many of its members, the ACPA endured and today is a healthy, thriving and respected organization amongst the concrete construction community.

On May 2, 2014, the ACPA traveled back to California to hold their spring board meeting and pay homage to its founding members with a 40th Anniversary Dinner Celebration held once again, aboard the famed Queen Mary.

The ACPA is a non-profit association which serves as an advocate for the concrete pumping industry committed to promotion, education and safety for its members and all those coming into contact with a concrete pump on the construction job site.