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In many areas of the country, ready-mixed concrete producers could more than double the amount of concrete sold in one local market segment: parking areas. Conservative estimates based on national data confirm this. To aid producers in cultivating this new business opportunity, a subcommittee of NRMCA's Concrete Promotion Committee has developed a parking-area promotion module that provides the tools needed for success. The NRMCA tool kit includes a promotion manual that helps users recruit a local promotion team, develop and execute a promotion plan, evaluate results, and refine the plan. Promoters must tailor the features-and-benefits message to most effectively address the concerns of owners, developers, architects, engineers, government officials, general contractors or paving contractors. The manual's planning section provides step-by-step direction for this important task. Newly established promotion groups may find that local talent can't provide all of the needed information or assistance. But such groups can contact state, regional or national concrete associations and individuals who have successfully championed parking lot promotion. To make this job easier, the NRMCA promotion manual includes a list of these champions. The manual also features several tools that drive home the aesthetics advantage. The article includes a complete description of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association's Parking Area Promotion Tool Kit. Keywords: promotion, parking, NRMCA