Dana also introduced a new specification for axle lubricants. Full- and semi-synthetic fluids meeting SHARES 429 Rev A offer superior protection for torque-carrying components, and allow extending drain intervals for most Spicer axles from one year to two.

Extended warranties may also be available for Eaton Fuller transmissions, Fuller clutches, and Dana Spicer drive axles.

In addition to products and services introduced to the press, I enjoy walking the show to find more useful products. One is so simple and useful, I'm surprised no one thought of it earlier. WristWriter is a convenient note-taking device that straps around the wrist or forearm with Velcro. It uses paper rolls, similar to but smaller than adding machine rolls. The paper is advanced or retrieved using a set of rollers.

WristWriter has a hard writing surface. It's always ready, yet out of the way. You need never be caught without a notebook or a surface to write on again. Visit www.wristwriter.com.

Drive shafts are designed to be fuses. If too great a load is placed on the drive train, it's the drive shaft that twists and breaks. That saves expensive components like drive axles and transmissions. But when the drive shaft sacrifices itself to protect the drive-train, you wind up needing a costly road service call.

Power Train Savers mount in the drive shaft. They are flanged, balanced devices held together with Torque Fuses, bolts that shear at predetermined torque loads.

Drivetrain shocks that would otherwise destroy the drive shaft just shear the Torque Fuses in Power Train Savers-equipped trucks. Using common tools, a $155 set of Torque Fuses can be replaced in minutes. For more, visit www.powertrainsavers.com.

— Paul Abelson is a former director of the Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations. You can e-mail him at truck writer@anet.com.