Other stories by Kari Moosmann

  • No Turning Back

  • Sustainability Hits a Note

    At the Women in Concrete Luncheon and Forum at the World of Concrete in January, panelists and audience members discussed how building green is the future of concrete and the construction industry.

  • Driving Success

    Ten years ago, three small concrete producers merged to form United Materials, which has since more than doubled in size. Terri Ketelsen answered an ad for an administrative assistant about this time. After starting her new job, she soon realized she had much more to offer the producer in...

  • A Room Full of Believers

    Once again, the women attending World of Concrete can take a breather from the show and enjoy good food and the company of their fellow “women in concrete” at the annual Women in Concrete Luncheon and Forum.

  • A Little Help

    We all need the advice of those who have more experience. There is nothing wrong with being new or inexperienced. Joining associations is a great way to find mentors or people to mentor.

  • The Code Master

    Lisa Ising has been an environmental services consultant to the ready-mix industry, specializing in regulatory-compliance matters.

  • Name Recognition

    It doesn't take an impressive title to prove you are good at what you do. A title describes what you do. Beyond that, it's up to you to live up to your title and to prove that you've earned it.

  • It's Network Time

  • We Were There

    Anna Cecilia Merenda was a pioneer for women in concrete construction.

  • Good-hearted People

    The U.S. Army helped prepare this saleswoman for a life of hard work.