Other stories by Kenneth A. Hooker

  • Creativity Runs Rampant at WOC's 2014 Artistry Demos

    10 concrete professionals show World of Concrete attendees how to add an artistic touch.

  • Concrete Artistry with a Competitive Edge

    World of Concrete attendees see a diverse group of artisans apply their creativity and skills to concrete.

  • Another Brick in the Wall

    If you're a producer who already sells block and other products to masonry contractors, you might talk with your customers to see if they want to branch out. You might let them know how to get installation training or point them toward sources of help with Segmental Retaining Wall engineering.

  • 2008's Rough Road

    Economic Summit spearkers at THE CONCRETE PRODUCER's Economic Summit Luncheon at World of Concrete 2008 see a brighter long-term picture.