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  • Tap into the Profit

    What are the primary goals that ready-mix concrete producers are asked to achieve today with their mixes?

  • Water-Reducing and Set-Controlling Admixtures

    According to the American Concrete Institute (ACI), an admixture is defined as “a material other than water, aggregates, cementitious materials and fiber reinforcement, used as an ingredient of a cementitious mixture to modify its freshly mixed, setting or hardened properties, and that is added to...

  • What does ANSI accreditation mean for NPCA?

    The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has accredited the NPCA Plant Certification Program as of May 2012.

  • Advances in Precast Paving

    Today, precast pavement is considered a mature technology, providing highway agencies with an effective rapid construction option.

  • Concrete in Mongolia - Big Changes

    I began to think this trip would be unsuccessful. The start of a Mongolian Concrete Conference and an ACI chapter appeared to be premature and the people unable to make basic advancements in the concrete industry due to the remoteness of the country.

  • Super Salts: A Powerful Solution

    Are stong deicers harming our concrete infrastructure? Super Salts can magnify stresses on concrete pavements in winter months, especially around sealed joints.

  • The True Value of Septic Tanks

  • Correcting for Aggregate Moisture

    Q: I'm fairly new in the concrete business and I know that a mix's water-cement ratio affects how well the concrete turns out. But why should I also care about something called "aggregate moisture," and what is it?

  • The Facts About Tanktesting

    What are the criteria that satisfy the requirements of a structural proof of design test and a watertightness test for a precast concrete onsite tank? Ask 10 different people in the onsite industry and you will probably get 10 different answers.

  • What's in a Name?