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    Have you thought about the future of your family business?

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    Beyond the current slowdown, what I see on the government's fiscal horizon worries me mor

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    The concrete industry faces tough questions whenever the economic horizon is cloudy. Managers must decide on the timing for capital expenditures, how to plan staffing levels, and many smaller decisions in between.

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    As producers prepare for 2008, projections from various sources point to a 10% to 15% reduction in total sales volume as the housing bust hits bottom. This reduction translates into a contraction of 45 million to 70 million yards, depending if the housing industry begins a slow recovery by the end...

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    I believe the key to the housing recovery will be the traditional government-backed mortgage markets. And there are already signs that these federal institutions have stepped into the breach of the mortgage mess to provide relief.

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    The problem with economic downturns in the concrete industry is that the competitor down the street often doesn't value his product or company at a fair price.