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  • Grand Rapids Art Museum Grand Rapids, Mich.

  • TCP's 2008 GreenSite Awards

    CONCRETE PRODUCER, with our sister publication, CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, introduced the GreenSite Project of the Year con contest honoring the concrete community's efforts to promote concrete's role in creating eco-friendly structures that will stand the test of time.

  • Cradling Concrete's Role

  • Keeping us Cool

  • Counting Carbon

    Concrete can help control CO2 levels in green building projects.

  • A Tale of Two Families

    Although we are familiar with “mom and pop” businesses, family-owned concrete producers each have unique situations that contribute to their success. This is the story of two such families, and their secrets to success.

  • Putting Words into Action

    If the concrete industry's sustainability efforts were represented in color, the palette would range from sage to forest green. Most of us seem to be in the same spectrum, but as a group, we tend to get caught up in disagreements over our own favorite hues. The Strategic Development Council (SDC)...

  • Leaving a Clean Footprint

    Truck wheel washing systems help producers clean up their act in more ways than one. As trucks come and go from plants and jobsites, these systems virtually eliminate the fine dust and aggregates that can quickly build up on roads.

  • Building Gardens, Not Walls

    People who work with concrete, especially those who have worked with it for many years, know the product's upstanding environmental properties. When Mark Woolbright visited Europe, he noticed that many locations had concrete retaining wall block that was plantable.

  • A Deeper Shade of Green

    Concrete producers have more opportunities than ever to profit from the green building movement.