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  • Trading Fairly

  • Other Projects of a Lifetime

    More ground breaking projects around the country along with

  • Greenbuild-ing Momentum

    The U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) 2007 Greenbuild Conference and Expo in Chicago was bursting at the seams. The 23,000 attendees, 850 exhibitors showcasing green products and services, and more than 90 standing room only educational sessions at the November event were testament to the...

  • In The Mix

  • Crowning Monuments

  • Networking Through the Challenges

  • Slag Cement Steps Up

  • Is it the Slab's Fault?

    A flooring contractor has experienced problems on four occasions over the years with his two-part polyurethane floor covering not bonding to our concrete slab-on-grade. He has said that the acid-etch process prior to installing the covering did not react very well with our slab surface, based on...

  • What's TLC?

  • Achieving Uniform Exposed-Aggregate Texture

    When making exposed-aggregate architectural precast channel column covers, we've noticed that after abrasive blasting, the texture on the down face differs from that on the vertical face. What causes this, and what can be done to correct it?