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  • Battling the Flames

    All Saints Church was one of Iowa's most ornate landmarks for nearly a hundred years, until it was destroyed by arson. After sitting in ruins for more than a decade, a group of determined citizens and a team of masonry restoration experts brought the structure back to life. Watch All Saints Church...

  • Automating the Precast Business

    Precision Development has developed what many consider to be the first total management software program that can fully automate the business practices of a modern precast concrete business.

  • Politics and Concrete Mix

  • Preventing popout problems

    We get a lot of popouts in exposed concrete. The expansive materials are shale particles found in the sand. Even though the shale particles may be no larger than 1/8-inch in diameter, a conical fracture shape makes the popouts more noticeable. Can this problem be avoided?

  • Easter Seals Camp Project Demonstrates New Concrete Technology