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  • Concrete Plant Upgrades

    The most common reason producers are replacing old equipment is that plants are just wearing out. In many areas, they are operating plants fabricated and erected in the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Architectural Concrete

    Satisfactory performance of architectural concrete begins with the mix design that specifies the concrete's constituent parts.

  • Spec’ing for Productivity

    The truck OEM, truck dealer, and body builder work together to produce a truck that’s capable of being productive and profitable.

  • Accelerated Bridge Construction in Wisconsin

    Precast construction technique reduces delays and costs.

  • The Growth of Roller-Compacted Concrete

    Roller-compacted concrete volumes, number of projects, and applications in the U.S. are increasing.

  • Retractable Enclosures for Curing Precast Elements

    To improve their process, precast and prestressed concrete manufacturers across North America are increasingly turning to retractable enclosures that can provide a controlled environment superior to tarps. This equipment also provides building-like protection and curing predictability at a fraction...

  • Too Cold for Concrete?

    Making ACI 306 a tool, rather than a rule. It covers the entire spectrum of applications for cold weather concreting.

  • Precast to the Rescue for Train Station Project

    County Materials' Archcast precast concrete bridge sections allow construction of the new passageway without disturbing the existing bridge.

  • Oldcastle Supplies Precast for New York Project

    Producer supplies hollowcore prestressed slabs, concrete beams, interior and exterior wall panels, solid slabs, and stairs.

  • Mobile Apps Become Tools for Producers

    Mobile apps are helping concrete producers transform their operations, from producing more accurate mixes to improving customer communications.