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  • TCP's 2010 Influencers: Heavenly Research

    We honor three men who are dedicated to promoting concrete's best qualities: Godwin Amekuedi, champion of P2P and concrete's sustainability, Canan D'Avela and David Goodyear.

  • MC Top Contractors

  • Bright Spots in a Struggling Market

    Masonry contractors look to exploit niche markets.

  • Web Exclusive Slide Show: Dukane Precast Plant

    Plainfield, Ill.

  • Shepherd of Concrete Sustainablity

    Long before it became fashionable to be green, J.C. Roumain was urging our industry to accept its responsibility regarding environmental stewardship.

  • Gaining Acceptance

    Dr. Kamal Khayat leads the way in research that is making SCC mainstream.

  • Influencers

    TCP recognizes three men who have helped the concrete industry make important strides in education, sustainability, and research. Bruce Ingram helped launch the CIM program in the South. We also honor Kamal Khayat and J.C. Roumain.

  • 5 Re-Former Promotes Sustainable ICFS

    During Patrick Murphy's eight years as president of American PolySteel, he led the Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) manufacturer and the industry, into a new era of green building.

  • 4 Enterprising Engineering

    In an industry where concrete innovation has been weighted down by steel and implementation measured by decades, it's refreshing to discover that enterprising leadership still has a chance to succeed.

  • 3 Delivering Coastal Change

    There's a bond that's stronger than mortar linking block producers to the design community. This bond of confidence is an important link needed to develop and expand the concrete block market.