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  • It's Showtime!

    World of Concrete takes place Jan. 17-21 in Las Vegas.

  • TCP's 2010 Influencers: Heavenly Research

    We honor three men who are dedicated to promoting concrete's best qualities: Godwin Amekuedi, champion of P2P and concrete's sustainability, Canan D'Avela and David Goodyear.

  • More Products for the Producer

  • TCP's 2010 GreenSite Awards

    The GreenSite Awards proudly recognize the concrete industry's efforts to help define sustainable construction for future generations. The 2010 GreenSite Awards results are in. See whose innovative uses of concrete help to define sustainable construction.

  • EPA Announces Fly Ash Proposal

  • U.S. Concrete Files for Bankruptcy

    U.S. Concrete filed for bankruptcy on April 29. In doing so, the company said it had struck a deal with bondholders to reduce its debt by $272 million.

  • Doing Something About the Weather

    Using real numbers to solve real problems.

  • World of Concrete is Around the Corner

  • Influencers

    TCP recognizes three men who have helped the concrete industry make important strides in education, sustainability, and research. Bruce Ingram helped launch the CIM program in the South. We also honor Kamal Khayat and J.C. Roumain.

  • TCP's 2009 Greensite Awards

    For the second year, THE CONCRETE PRODUCER joins its sister publication, CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, in presenting the GreenSite Awards to honor the concrete industry's involvement in sustainable construction. While the influence of producers and contractors may go unrecognized once a school opens or...