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  • The Blue Book of Building and Construction Announces

    The Blue Book is continuing to bring general contractors and local subcontractors and suppliers together with The Blue Book GC Showcase and has officially published the dates and locations for the Fall 2008 program.

  • Other Projects of a Lifetime

    More ground breaking projects around the country along with

  • Olivenhain Dam, San Diego

    The San Diego County Water Authority's Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir are the region's first new major dam and reservoir to be built in 50 years. If needed, the reservoir can provide enough water for 50,000 families for an entire year.

  • California Dream Builder

    Diversity is coming to the concrete industry. Fortunately, change is no longer measured in terms of numbers, but by influence. At a recent meeting of key industry leaders who came together to help draft a vision statement outlining concrete's role in creating a sustainable world, more than 1/3 were...

  • 2007 Excellence in Safety Awards

  • 2007 Excellence in Safety Awards

    Results of the NRMCA's 2007 Excellence in Safety Awards.

  • Rocky Times for Aggregate

    Last month, I reviewed Florida's aggregates shortage and how it affects that state's ability to supply the material required for the construction projects you see as you drive up and down I-95 or the Florida Turnpike. Now, lets look at California...

  • The Right Tool

    For more than 30 years, contractors have benefited from the availability and quality of very specialized concrete mixes volumetric concrete producers (VCP) provide. Now, there's another, perhaps even greater, opportunity for VCPs: pervious concrete .

  • Kenworth Receives Prestigious Innovation Award For Alternative Fuel Trucks

  • Protecting Our Power

    Integral colored precast concrete protects a nuclear power plant in California.