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  • Foundation Releases Updated Pervious Concrete Research Compilation

    Silver Spring, MD -June 26, 2008: The RMC Research and Education Foundation is proud to announce the release of the revised version of its Pervious Concrete Research Compilation.

  • Start Your Engines

    About 30 miles east of Nashville, Tenn., on a section of Interstate 840, lays one of the most interesting concrete marvels in the world: the Nashville Super Speedway.

  • 2007 Excellence in Safety Awards

  • 2007 Excellence in Safety Awards

    Results of the NRMCA's 2007 Excellence in Safety Awards.

  • The Ultimate Test Drive

    Driving simulation has just started to trickle into the industry, but programs like MPRI's Mark III simulator have already helped companies like Walker Concrete and Nashville's Metro Ready Mix Concrete lower fuel costs, reduce accidents and decrease maintenance expenses. Take an inside look at how...

  • A Concrete MBA

    As young people advance in our industry, they have not been exposed to the financial and strategic skills they need. The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) curriculum at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro has filled this important role.

  • Working at Home in Style

    Either we've been extremely lucky in Tennessee, or it's fortunate that we are always just behind the curve. While I've read many articles reporting the new home construction bubble is bursting around the country, our market seems to be expanding.

  • Graduation Day

    Dozens of fresh faces will enter the concrete industry this year, thanks to the Concrete Industry Management program at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

  • Tiny Fibers in the Mix

  • Hitting the Big Time