More stories about Acoustics

  • Allan Block sound fence approved for Canadian highway projects

    The Allan Block Fence System was recently approved by the BC Ministry of Transportation (MOT RPL) for highway projects as a proven noise abatement structure.

  • Non-Contact Level Bin Measurement

    The new BinMaster RL level sensor is designed to provide highly reliable bin level data in challenging environments where dust levels are extremely high. The non-contact, continuous level sensor works in powders and solid materials of all types, including very low dielectric materials which until...

  • Review: New Dodge Pickups

  • The True Value of Septic Tanks

  • Vacuums on Steroids

    In the last few years, cement manufacturers have discovered that vacuum cleaners are the ideal solution to reclaim product. Vacuums can be viewed as a best management process to help plant managers comply with EPA and OSHA regulations.

  • Sounding Off

    Noise pollution has become a significant issue in communities across the nation. Naturally, it follows that more money than ever is being spent on decorative concrete soundwalls to play a greater role in noise abatement near airports, commercial developments, and in residential neighborhoods.

  • A Comfortable Fit

    A new generation of wheel loaders offers the best in safety and comfort.

  • Laser Speed and Accuracy

    BlockQualifier measures the height of freshly cast concrete masonry units and pavers from an overhead position as they are carried on the pallet exiting the block machine.

  • The Value of Value-added Products

    Two producers make value-added products a key part of their business plans.

  • Moving Mountains

    A major road project uses 15,000 feet of reinforced concrete pipe.