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  • Concrete Temperature and SCC

    One question recently posed on Aggregate Research Inc.Æs Industry Forum ( drew a number of interesting and important answers that may help you this season. The questioner wrote: ôIÆve noticed that a variation in ambient temperature can have a big effect on the...

  • Railing Toward Plant Efficiency

  • Do Guidelines for Recycled Aggregates Exist?

    I work for the Ohio DOT. I am looking for sources of information where recycled concrete (RC) was used as aggregate in new concrete. Have you used recycled aggregate in new concrete? What was the new concrete used for? What problems did you encounter with recycled concrete as an aggregate?

  • Automating mix designs for closed-gap gradations

    IÆm working on creating a mix design submittal based upon a specification that requires closed-gap aggregate gradation. To meet the specification, I need to find, or create, an evenly graded 1 +-inch top size aggregate. This means that the commonly used middle testing sieves, such as the No. 8, No...

  • Using Hot Air to Let off Steam

  • Thinking Outside the Drum

  • Removing Shale and Lignite

    Is there a screen setup for a wash plant that will take shale out more efficiently but at the same time retain the #50s and #100s? If a vibratory screen is the most efficient choice, should we add another type of equipment to our processing stream to remove the shale particles?

  • Describing a Mix's Sand Volume

    Which is correct when describing the sand quantity in a concrete mix design: sand-aggregate percentage or sand-aggregate ratio? Can you explain why?

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  • A Matter of Characterization