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  • From Field to Future Dreams

    Alfred H. Smith Jr. is building his field of dreams in Branchville, Md. No, he's not building a baseball diamond like in the 1989 film,

  • Does Well-graded Aggregate Stand Up?

    Q: We are beginning to work on a new set of mix designs for a large commercial project. We are experimenting with some potential changes in the aggregate gradations of our commonly used products.

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  • Getting up to Speed

  • Any Color, as Long as it's Green

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  • Working at Home in Style

    Either we've been extremely lucky in Tennessee, or it's fortunate that we are always just behind the curve. While I've read many articles reporting the new home construction bubble is bursting around the country, our market seems to be expanding.

  • Spec Watch

    Several important ASTM standards affecting concrete producers have been updated. This list summarizes some committee announcements recently released.

  • In the Mix News Brief: Taking the Deal

    The U.S Department of Justice told Cemex to sell 39 of its plants; Heidelberg and Hanson came to an agreement

  • A 20th Century Wonder

    A trip to Hoover Dam is a must for people in the concrete industry. You will be awestruck by its size, the rugged landscape, amd the challenges crews faced when they built it in the 1930s. It truly is a 20th century wonder.