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  • Sticking With Quality

    A new adhesive system increases reveal quality without damaging casting beds.

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  • Mortar Aggregate Ratio

  • Vacuum Drying

    Q. We are about to begin a large project that will require our technicians to take hourly field test samples of the fine materials. We’ve started to investigate alternatives to our normal oven-drying procedures. One method we recently discovered is vacuum drying. Do you know anything about this...

  • Controlling Entrained Air Content

    We have started having problems with variations in air content of our air-entrained mix designs. Air content stays uniform for a while, then goes out of the specification range. Usually, measured air content is too low, but sometimes we get exceptionally high values. I know that many factors affect...

  • Predicting Fresh Concrete Temperatures

    I am a concrete producer in the Upper Midwest and always must adjust my product for very hot weather conditions in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter. What advice do you have for producers like me who must figure how cool to make our aggregate in extreme weather conditions?To answer...

  • Too Little Cover

    We are continually running up against structural engineers who push the limits of the cover for rebar and post-tensioning cables for suspended slabs in concrete structures. We normally never like to work with rebar cover less than 1/4 inch above the aggregate size. We are finishing an underground...