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  • Where Are They Now?

    . I've been going through some boxes of stuff hidden away in the basement. Many are cartons from two or three moves ago. That's how I found the picture of my fellow classmates from the November 1987 Master Builders management conference. Help us identify these people!

  • Will this Design Work?

    I’m a mason working in an area devoid of building codes and cannot afford an engineer. I’m building a 16-foot diameter circular gazebo that will have a concrete floor. I will lay 12-inch half blocks side by side in a circle beginning 9 feet below grade and would like to use this space under the...

  • Concrete Palsy?

    My husband is a concrete contractor. He does basements, walls, slabs, etc. A doctor has told him that he has "concrete palsy." The first time it appeared was after he had cleaned out the inside of a drum on a truck, which involved vibration and a lot of dust. About three days afterward the skin on...

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