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    Cleaning concrete from your equipment and vehicles is unpleasant work. Fortunately, there are a number of products, tools, and services designed to make that job easier, or take it off your to-do list completely. Following are some truck and drum cleaning products and services.

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    People who work with concrete, especially those who have worked with it for many years, know the product's upstanding environmental properties. When Mark Woolbright visited Europe, he noticed that many locations had concrete retaining wall block that was plantable.

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    As a producer, I would like to learn more about adding silica fume to my mix. What are its effects and where can I get more information?

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    I have a customer who tore out a slab with delamination problems. He subsequently found some sections where the #4 bar had not bonded to the concrete at all. Naturally, he is assuming the concrete is "bad." Besides oil and rust what other reasons can explain the lack of...

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    One question recently posed on Aggregate Research Inc.Æs Industry Forum ( drew a number of interesting and important answers that may help you this season. The questioner wrote: ôIÆve noticed that a variation in ambient temperature can have a big effect on the...