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  • Driving Home Safety

  • The Blue Book of Building and Construction Announces

    The Blue Book is continuing to bring general contractors and local subcontractors and suppliers together with The Blue Book GC Showcase and has officially published the dates and locations for the Fall 2008 program.

  • Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification

    To get certified as an Installer or Craftsman, you first must hold ACI certification as a flatwork finisher, and you must pass the pervious written exam.

  • The Drum Takes a Twist

    With all of the changes in the ready-mix business, it has always been easy for me to tell customers and friends, "If you don't like the concrete business today, just stick around. Something will be new and different tomorrow." Little did I know that something new would hit me right between the eyes...

  • Concrete Truck Study

    Producers can gain insights on the state of the concrete truck industry by reading a new report prepared by (SVN) of Modesto, Calif. The report covers the manufactures of trucks for concrete mix, concrete boom pumps, and volumetric mixers.The study examines the industry from...

  • A Measure of Change

  • Not Your Father's Blue Book

  • A Problem with Lignite

    Seven days after our contractor poured a concrete driveway, the concerned homeowner called us, instead of the contractor, when he started noticing small pop marks throughout the concrete. After speaking with the concrete finisher and after considering all of the possibilities, we concluded it was...

  • Prestressing Without Guessing

  • Stalking "The Silent Killer"