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  • Another Brick in the Wall

    If you're a producer who already sells block and other products to masonry contractors, you might talk with your customers to see if they want to branch out. You might let them know how to get installation training or point them toward sources of help with Segmental Retaining Wall engineering.

  • And the Winners Are...

    The envelopes have been opened and below are a sampling of the winners of the 2008 Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest. Exhibitors displayed the 145 entries at World of Concrete in January. Attendees and a panel of experts then voted on the ones they thought were the most innovative.

  • An Alternative for Infill Wall Systems

    Recently, researchers at the University of Missouri-Rolla investigated the potential for using an unusual alternative construction material in manufacturing masonry units for non-load bearing applications. Their goal was to develop products for infill wall systems, a practice common throughout the...

  • Getting the Right Directions on the way home

  • The 10th NCMA is Almost Here!

    Preparations are nearly complete for the 10th North American Masonry Conference (10NAMC) and TMS Meetings that will be held this June in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • The Value of Value-added Products

    Two producers make value-added products a key part of their business plans.

  • Mortar Aggregate Ratio

  • A Step Beyond Split Face

  • What are integral water repellents?

    I've heard a lot about integral water repellents for block. What are they and what is their purpose? Do I need to specify them in the mortar as well as the block?

  • Giving Your Mixer a 4.0