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  • Eliminating Corrosion

    I recently read some papers on the corrosion of concrete in sewer manholes. Apparently, this is not a problem of gasses floating around in the sewer, but an issue of anaerobic bacteria (Thiobacillus) living on the surface of the concrete, creating sulfuric acid, which corrodes the concrete. The...

  • 100 Years of Blocks

  • Another Mix Option

  • Reducing Washout Water Quantities

    The drivers at one of our plants have been using about 800 to 850 gallons of fresh water to wash out their mixers at the end of their shift. The amount of wash water often becomes a problem when we’re busy in the summer. Is there any way to reduce this quantity? I've heard that some producers are...

  • Matching Concrete Colors

    I have been asked to try to match the shades of concrete on a patio and pool deck. The patio was poured about a year before the pool deck. What are my best options for accomplishing this?

  • What Causes Cement Balls?

    How can we eliminate the cement balls that we’ve recently discovered in our concrete? This problem seemed to start after we recently installed a new batch controller on our transit-mix plant. Before that, we had operated the plant manually. We’ve always monitored slump and mix consistency closely...

  • The Cement Industry's Role in Climate Change

  • Beating Asphalt on Price

  • The Long-Term View

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