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  • Mold Maintenance

    In the last few years, block makers have had to adjust their operations to the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market. Shorter production runs, quicker mold changes, and an inventory of numerous shape and color offerings are challenging producers to keep adequate inventory levels.

  • Checking for Oil Problems

    OPW Fuel Management Systems, a Hodgkins, Ill., manufacturer of fuel dispensing equipment, recently introduced a high-tech hydrocarbon sensor suited for the harsh conditions of a concrete plant.

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  • Ultracleaning Process Water

  • Cleaning Slump Block

    What are the most effective products to clean and to seal the older type slump block. I’m working on a 1977 vintage slump block home.

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  • Testing Aggregates to Avoid Staining

    Is there a quick test to detect the presence of iron sulfide in aggregates? The aggregate I am considering will be used in an exposed decorative application, so repeated wetting and drying of the aggregate will occur at the surface. I also am concerned it may cause staining.