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  • Pilot Concrete Project Makes Roads Safer, More Attractive

    For the first time, colored concrete safety barriers are ensuring safety on German roads – and enhancing their visual appeal, too.

  • Metering System for Granules

    G-Pack 30 is ideal for producers looking to improve the quality of their colored concrete products with an automated metering system.

  • Making a Green Pavement Gold, or Sunset Rose or Mesa Buff or….

    Pervious concrete is often described as looking like a gray Rice Krispies treat. Now that color is becoming more common in the pervious market, maybe we can drop the

  • One-Step Coloring

    Several years ago, analysts estimated that about 0.5% of all flatwork concrete was integrally colored, suggesting that one out of every 200 trucks loaded each day could head to a decorative project.

  • Any Color, as Long as it's Green

  • Any Color, as Long as it's Green

    With its ability to manage surface water runoff, the construction industry has known that pervious concrete is “green.” It is now discovering that pervious concrete can also be tan, red, black, or brown. That's because pervious concrete can be integrally colored to match the surrounding landscape...

  • Concrete's Changing Colors

    A patio looked great on the day we finished installing it. But within two weeks, it had deteriorated into a gray/white color instead of the terracotta/charcoal patio that was visible on the day it was installed. The concrete sealant was applied 24 to 48 hours after the concrete was first laid, and...

  • Integrally Colored Tilt-Up Concrete

  • Cures for paver efflorescence

    We manufacture concrete pavers and are experiencing a severe efflorescence problem. Can we reduce efflorescence by using admixtures such as plasticizers or pozzolans? Or should we use silicone-type water repellents or film-forming sealers on the finished product?

  • Avoiding Efflorescence in Architectural Precast Concrete