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  • Discussing Joint-Free Floor Slabs at World of Concrete

    Joints in industrial floors are the single most common reason for failure. At the Concrete Slabs Luncheon at World of Concrete, we learned about a few approaches to building floors with much wider joint spacing.

  • Position Statement on Floor Flatness Tolerances

    Three additional national associations, the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, the Tile Contractors Association of America, and the International Masonry Institute, have endorsed a Position Statement on floor flatness tolerances written by the American Society of Concrete...

  • Attractive Floor Protection

    The FastFloor two-component polyaspartic coating system provides style and protection to industrial and residential floors.

  • Flooring the Competition

    Producers have always touted pre-cast concrete as a contractor-friendly building system. Often its design can eliminate extra work at the jobsite and boost safety and speed. So it's not surprising that the use of the Supranos Systems' patented precast concrete structural floor and roof system has...

  • Building a Dream

  • Is it the Slab's Fault?

    A flooring contractor has experienced problems on four occasions over the years with his two-part polyurethane floor covering not bonding to our concrete slab-on-grade. He has said that the acid-etch process prior to installing the covering did not react very well with our slab surface, based on...

  • More on Limestone Aggregate and Warehouse Floors: A Reader Responds

    As a specialist in industrial floor-hardening products, I am responding to a couple of comments in the "Troubleshooting" column from the October 2002 issue. The comments were in reference to specifying limestone as coarse aggregates in concrete floor slabs. In the last paragraph, the column...

  • They Put Promotion in Motion

  • Concrete, pH, and Flooring Failure

    Five years ago we supplied the concrete for an elevated slab that was later covered with vinyl composition floor tiles. We recently got a letter from the building owner telling us that the floor tiles were coming loose and that the flooring installer had inspected the problem, measured the pH at...

  • Beam-and-Block Floor Construction in the UK