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  • Flashing Products

    Sturdy waterproofing barrier, Copper flashing, Composite thru-wall flashing, Commercial-grade performance, Prevent water penetration.

  • Double Your Pleasure

  • On the Move

  • Formwork Rust: Reasons and Prevention

    There are several reasons for metal corrosion and the results can take many forms: contact corrosion, crack corrosion, inter-crystalline corrosion, and pitting.

  • Reinforcing Savings

  • Concrete Under Fire

    How thick should concrete be to withstand four hours of temperatures of 2000 degree F without degrading or failing? The concrete barrier likely will be exposed to more than 2000 degrees F. The barrier would be more than 30 feet tall and more than 30 feet long. It will be outdoors and subject to...

  • What Caused Non-Bonding?

    I have a customer who tore out a slab with delamination problems. He subsequently found some sections where the #4 bar had not bonded to the concrete at all. Naturally, he is assuming the concrete is "bad." Besides oil and rust what other reasons can explain the lack of...

  • Stalking "The Silent Killer"

  • Should Blotchy Rebar Be Rejected?

    Our precast plant recently received a shipment of galvanized rebar for a state project. While examining the rebar, our inspector noticed that some bars had a gray coating, a king of mottled appearance. Is the presence of this coating a possible cause for rejection?

  • Improving Metal Buildings with Concrete Masonry Units