More stories about Reinforcement

  • Discussing Joint-Free Floor Slabs at World of Concrete

    Joints in industrial floors are the single most common reason for failure. At the Concrete Slabs Luncheon at World of Concrete, we learned about a few approaches to building floors with much wider joint spacing.

  • Fixing One of America's Busiest Bridges

    How San Francisco’s new Bay Bridge was repaired, with traffic flowing, after 32 anchor rods snapped.

  • AltusGroup joins PCI

    AltusGroup, a network of 16 North American precast concrete manufacturers, has joined the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) as a Supplier Associate Company.

  • Replace Rebar and Mesh

    Micro-Rebar can eliminate rebar and mesh in precast products.

  • Mesh Replaces Rebar

    Use engineered structural mesh for structural concrete applications.

  • Trench for Stormwater and Runoff

    Trench drains are fabricated from highly durable fiber-reinforced concrete.

  • Rebar Connector Makes Fast Connections

    Kodi Klip Systems rebar connectors reduces racking and creates stable connections.

  • Portable rebar cutter

    The PJRC160 cordless rebar cutting tool can cut rebar up to #5 size.

  • Structural Concrete Reinforcement

    Replacing traditional rebar with Helix Micro-Rebar creates a one-piece composite concrete system that spreads reinforcement throughout the concrete.

  • Rebar and Mesh Chairs

    The Grip-Rite ProLok high chairs and tilt-up chairs have a locking head that raises rebar or reinforcing wire mesh to the proper position and secures rebar intersections with no tie wire or bar ties.