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  • RNP industries PAM_Dek

    The PAM_Dek is a tool holder to perform deck concrete chipping with conventional hammers while maintaining a vertical posture without musculoskeletal strains. It includes a vibration dampening system, ergonomic handles for a comfortable work posture and an engineered mechanism that neutralize the...

  • Movex Track-O Mini-Dozer M-27

    The Track-O Mini-Dozer M-27 is the smallest existing remote controlled vehicle designed to operate in confined spaces.

  • ICRI Names William “Bud” Earley 2013 President

    The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) membership elected William “Bud” Earley, Aquafin, Inc. as its 2013 president. Mr. Earley will preside over ICRI during its 25th Anniversary Year.

  • ICRI Announces 2012 Project of the Year and Awards of Excellence Winners

    The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) announced the winners of the 2012 Project Awards. The Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity was chosen as the ICRI 2012 Project of the Year.

  • Building Systems R&D Manager Appointed to ICRI TAC Committee

  • Accommodating radiant heat in slabs

    We are a ready-mixed producer in northern Wisconsin. Several contractors we supply have placed in-floor heating in garage or basement floors. Two of these floors have cracked after turning on the heat. We have been told that this may be due to thermal cracking or shocking. We would like information...

  • Too Little Cover

    We are continually running up against structural engineers who push the limits of the cover for rebar and post-tensioning cables for suspended slabs in concrete structures. We normally never like to work with rebar cover less than 1/4 inch above the aggregate size. We are finishing an underground...

  • Is it the Slab's Fault?

    A flooring contractor has experienced problems on four occasions over the years with his two-part polyurethane floor covering not bonding to our concrete slab-on-grade. He has said that the acid-etch process prior to installing the covering did not react very well with our slab surface, based on...

  • Measuring Crack Width in a Concrete Surface

    Our customer has asked us to help him evaluate some cracking that occurred on a recent pour of a large parking lot. We believe that the cracks are caused by dry shrinkage, but the owner is concerned that the cracks are structural in nature. We have agreed to monitor the cracks for a year or so to...

  • Cause of Cracks in Hollowcore Panel Topping

    We supplied 4x24-foot hollowcore slabs for a building floor that received a 2-inch-thick concrete topping placed by the concrete contractor. Part of the building was left unfinished for later use, and, when it was built out, the owner noticed a crack that was visible on the topping surface but not...