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  • That's the Spirit

    Famous distillery chooses roller-compacted concrete over asphalt.

  • Roller-compacted concrete testing method

    We are seeing more news surrounding one of the more exciting innovations in the concrete industry: roller-compacted concrete (RCC).

  • Tuning People in to Concrete

    Jerry Larson is a leader in promoting roller-compacted concrete.

  • Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir


  • Bidding an RCC Paving Project

  • Paving a New Way

    When Kuert Concrete president Steve Fidler reviewed his year-to-date sales report, he found one glaring success. In a less-than-stellar year, he focused on the summary line of a product that had been positive. While 300 yards doesn't seem like a big number in the scope of his business, the figure...

  • Central Time

  • Olivenhain Dam, San Diego

    The San Diego County Water Authority's Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir are the region's first new major dam and reservoir to be built in 50 years. If needed, the reservoir can provide enough water for 50,000 families for an entire year.

  • Addressing Blade Buildup

    We are trying to use regular transit mixers to produce roller compacted concrete (RRC). Most of our markets do not have a central mixer available. We have developed a mix that discharges fairly well from a non-paving mixer. It has sand (39%), #67 limestone (10%), #8 pea gravel (48%), and Type C fly...

  • Beating Asphalt on Price