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  • The NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

    The NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution is the most comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-use solution in the telematics industry.

  • Driver Improvement Performance Software

    SmartDrive Systems, a leader in driving performance solutions that reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency, recently announced enhancements to its SmartDrive Fuel program. The enhancements continue to boost SmartDrive's technology leadership in fleet safety and fuel efficiency, enabling...

  • NexTraq + Fleet tracking

    Based on GPS technology, this fleet tracking system equips public works managers with tools to help streamline fleet management, reduce costs and improve productivity in the field.

  • Precast production software

    The company offers a range of integrated solutions for concrete products, such as automated batching systems, that help producers remain flexible while maintaining consistent quality in all conditions.

  • Moisture Management Software

    COMMANDbatch CP controls all of the moisture going into concrete to produce a consistent, quality product.

  • 20 Simple Actions to Protect Your Business from Fraud

    Identity theft has reached an all time high. These are steps you can take to protect yourself and your business.

  • Cemex Completes Global Integration of New Business Platform

    CEMEX announced today its successful global integration of the most advanced enterprise platform based on SAP.

  • Hanson Brick Launches Product Application for iPad

    Hanson Brick, one of North America's largest brick manufacturers, in partnership with Applosophy, a mobile application development company, announced today the launch of the My Hanson Brick mobile application for the iPad.

  • Playing It Safe

    Computers have greatly enabled vehicles' safety systems.

  • BIM Makes Leap Forward

    Building Information Modeling will make precast producers more efficient.