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  • Bellvue Theatre Project Wins PCI Award

    Old Castle's Bellvue Theatre chosen as a winner in the 2015 PCI Design Awards Program in the Best Theatre category.

  • 10 Construction Trends to Watch in 2016

    The Korte Company has compiled 10 trends that will shape and improve construction projects in 2016 and beyond.

  • Does Your State Rock?

    This new map from the NSGGA takes a look at the amount of aggregate that is produced in each state

  • AltusGroup Enters Exclusive Agreement with ARCIS

    Under a new exclusive technology and manufacturing agreement, AltusGroup will license the company’s patented ultra-thin prestressed panel and product technology. 

  • Constructing Innovative Steel-Fiber Concrete Floors Breakfast and Forum

    Learn from the experts how steel-fiber reinforced concrete floors are being used to solve difficult floor problems, such as in pile-supported industrial floors, extended-joint steel-fiber reinforced structural floors placed onto a combination of piles and a compacted base course.

  • Daimler Trucks North America Names Kary Schaefer General Manager

    Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) today announced that Kary Schaefer has been appointed general manager, marketing & strategy.

  • Yale Group and Balyo Inc. Sign Agreement to Market Lift Truck Robotics

    Hyster-Yale Group has entered into a preferred vendor cooperation agreement with robotics specialist Balyo Inc. to market self-guided trucks in North America.

  • First Step for Concrete on Mars

    A team of scientists have developed a form of "Martian concrete" that could be used to build architectural structures on the surface of the red planet.

  • Fly Ash: Once Upon a Time…..

    Once upon a time the use of fly ash in ready mixed concrete was something to be avoided by ethical producers. How things have changed! Today fly ash is regarded as an important part of the answer to challenges faced by architects/engineers and concrete producers.

  • The 10 Best Concrete Buildings

    From the astonishing Pantheon to a Chilean cliff-top villa, here are some of the world's best concrete structures.