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  • Precast Concrete Lowers Operating Costs

    A new precast products factory in Singapore runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, producing a constant supply of components in large capacities.

  • Donald Trump's Concrete Wall

    A 2,000-mile-long wall separating the United States and Mexico would be a monumental project. This is despite Donald Trump's assurance that it would be easy, and would take over 5 million cubic yards of concrete. Sounds like fun!

  • Front Discharge Mixer from Kimble

    From start to finish, our product design and manufacturing process is based on a desire to provide better operating performance, less downtime and a higher resale value.

  • Enterprise Strategic Insight from Jonel

    Jonel’s Business Solutions gives employees the information they need in real-time to make the decisions that will improve customer service, product quality, and add more to the bottom line.

  • Mighty Mite and Mini Mite Mixers from Continental

    Continental’s Standard Features in a smaller package, maximizingstrength, durability, and efficiency in a compact unit.

  • The Key to Better Garage Floors

    Ten tips for pouring stronger, crack-free concrete slabs.

  • Who’s Driving our Industry?

    With the increase in construction activity and the greater need for concrete, we should be celebrating the opportunity to expand our operations and grow our businesses. So why can’t we find qualified drivers to fill the labor shortages?

  • GPS Tracking for the Ready Mix Industry

    Our Technology offers numerous benefits by automating common operations using TRAC18 GPS software in concert with our RK3000, including interfaces with a variety of switches and sensors, and the ability to operate valves and relays remotely.

  • Hanson Building Products Purchases Cretex Concrete Products

    Hanson Building Products announced that it acquired Cretex Concrete Products out of Maple Grove, Minnesota.

  • Concrete Mix Design and Quality Control Software Management System

    StonemontQC integrates with concrete batching and dispatching software to allow for the seamless transfer of mix designs and batch results