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  • Hoover Dam Editorial Tour

  • Mack Driving Skills Safety Challenge

  • Make Plans Now

  • Going Once...

    The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program raised $540,000 at its annual auction at World of Concrete.

  • On Tour: Hoover Dam

    More than 300 people had exclusive access to the site during tours for pros during the 2008 World of Concrete.

  • 2008's Rough Road

    Economic Summit spearkers at THE CONCRETE PRODUCER's Economic Summit Luncheon at World of Concrete 2008 see a brighter long-term picture.

  • Making Their Points

    Contestants at the World of Concrete Producer's Challenge received prizes for accuracy.

  • Walk the WOC

    Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Jan. 21–25, WOC 2008 is the largest trade show in the industry, with more than 1700 exhibitors. Catering to contractors, manufacturers, and industry professionals, there is something for everyone.

  • Looking to 2008 and Beyond

    Top economists and analysts will share their expertise during THE CONCRETE PRODUCER's Economic Summit at World of Concrete.

  • Step Up to the Challenge

    The Mack Truck's Driving Skills Challenge and the John Deere Load America competition will transform the Orange and Gold lots, respectively, into an exciting exhibition of drivers' skills from Tuesday, Jan. 22 to Thursday, Jan. 24.