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  • Smart Fleets

    Telematics can help concrete producers increase productivity by gauging maintenace, reducing idling, downsizing the fleet, improving asset tracking and routing, and monitoring safety.

  • 3D Concrete Innovator

    Alexander LaRoux wants to introduce adept printing to concrete construction and has fabricated his own 3D concrete printer.

  • Concrete Plant Upgrades

    The most common reason producers are replacing old equipment is that plants are just wearing out. In many areas, they are operating plants fabricated and erected in the 1960s and 1970s.

  • A Superior Fence

    In 1986 Superior Concrete Products manufactures and markets a line of eye-catching architectural precast concrete fencing and related products.

  • Architectural Concrete

    Satisfactory performance of architectural concrete begins with the mix design that specifies the concrete's constituent parts.

  • Innovative Paving in Illinois

    Expanding and improving the I-90 Illinois Tollway in 2014 was a massive project. Despite the political sensitivity of the project, or perhaps because of it, the concrete mixes combined multiple innovative materials to result in a durable yet sustainable mix.

  • Too Cold for Concrete?

    Making ACI 306 a tool, rather than a rule. It covers the entire spectrum of applications for cold weather concreting.

  • Precast to the Rescue for Train Station Project

    County Materials' Archcast precast concrete bridge sections allow construction of the new passageway without disturbing the existing bridge.

  • Clark Pacific Supplies Precast for New Arena

    The 17,500-seat NBA arena will include about 700 pieces of precast and more than 1,000 concrete steps.

  • Oldcastle Supplies Precast for New York Project

    Producer supplies hollowcore prestressed slabs, concrete beams, interior and exterior wall panels, solid slabs, and stairs.