Champion Brands LLC, a globally recognized leader in specialty lubricants, recently announced the introduction of Champion 4000 Ultra Synthetic with DYNAVIS Technology, a new, high-efficiency synthetic transmission and hydraulic oil.

This robust fluid is made with premium additives and extremely shear stable polymer thickeners to allow for maximum efficiency and protection in all temperatures. It has exceptional low temperature pumpability and high temperature shear stability, thus minimizing pumping losses and startup wear while ensuring maximum film strength and minimum internal leakage at any operating temperature.

The new Champion 4000 Ultra Synthetic with DYNAVIS Technology offers multiple benefits, including double-digit gains in efficiency, equipment response and hydraulic power over ISO 46 monograde fluids, meeting OEM summer and winter grade specifications for transmission and hydraulic oil – including John Deere J20C and J20D – and pump test requirements for the Parker HF-0 specification.

Champion Brands LLC is a globally recognized industry leader in specialty lubricants for over 55 years. Champion also produces and blends over 350 products including fuel, oil, engine additives, and lubricants for the racing, automotive, heavy truck, agricultural, industrial, and specialty markets. For more information about  Champion 4000 Ultra Synthetic with DYNAVIS® Technology, visit