The Decorative Concrete Council (DCC), a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), presented the winners of its sixth annual awards competition at WOC. “We saw everything from vaulted ceilings to multistory buildings to bedroom floors,” says Bev Garnant, executive director of ASCC. Click on select names for more info and videos.

Wow! Award winner

The Turowski Pool Deck by Tom Ralston Concrete, Santa Cruz, Calif., was named best overall project. Structural and decorative walls, cast-in-place (CIP) stamped concrete, countertops, custom fire bowls and large fire pit, and a swimming pool were part of this challenging residential landscape, built into a hillside.

First place winners

Long Island Residence by Ruttura & Sons Construction Co. Inc., West Babylon, N.Y.
Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, clear, crisp horizontal lines are cast evenly throughout the walls of the main residence and poolhouse. Other features include the garage’s board form finish, windows on a pulley system with concrete counterweights, and a cantilevered floor.

The Reserve by Trademark Concrete Systems Inc., Ventura, Calif.
Trademark provided sand-textured and seeded aggregate concrete paving, steps, and walls at courtyards, plazas, and walkways for this 20-acre campus of high-end office space. The contractor incorporated wood into the design and separated changes in color of slab-on-ground paving with sawcut isolation joints, giving a clean appearance.

Pott Hardscape by Tom Ralston Concrete, Santa Cruz, Calif.
Ralston Concrete designed much of the 4,200-square-foot residential hardscape, which includes a large fireplace, meandering walls, and seat walls that curve in three directions. Finishes include polished countertops, Monet-finished walls, a stamped pool deck, hard-troweled bands and pool coping, and glow-in-the-dark aggregate.

Livingston Residence by Unique Concrete, West Milford, N.J.
The pool deck is in an area that had been filled in and required strategically placed footings to complete a checkerboard design. Unique Concrete placed, screeded, and scarified concrete to achieve a hand-crafted stone look. The contractor mixed a white topping layer onsite, and stamped, shaped, and textured at about 1 inch. Joints were grouted and tooled in a separate process.

Harmonious Oasis by Greystone Masonry Inc., Stafford, Va.
The contractor designed this hardscape, which includes outdoor rooms at differing elevations. Two patios are connected by a walkway featuring a fire pit area, split staircase with lighted columns, a water feature, and outdoor dining and bar areas.

FR2 by Concrete Innovations LLC, Sandwich, Ill.
The architect wanted to recreate a Guastavino vaulted ceiling in this fourth-floor office. The color for the concrete came from clay from the client’s land, the texture from silt from his creek, and agricultural lime behind his barn. Where the original mix would have produced an 800-pound vault, the custom GFRC mix reduced that to 300 pounds. The contractor sandblasted more than 40,000 tiles, placed them in molds, and hand-placed the backer coat with scrim.

Tucson Streetcar Station by Progressive Hardscapes, Phoenix
Progressive Hardscapes created a cactus design in the pavement with Litho Mosaic. An artist placed 28,056 glass tiles into a mosaic blanket. It took three days to carefully encase each tile into fresh concrete.

Maine Cottage by Hyde Concrete, Annapolis, Md.