Can anyone recommend an app that records business cards into a smart phone?
Can anyone recommend an app that records business cards into a smart phone?

Have you been having a hard time finding anyone for the last two months? For an industry inundated with new communication tools, gadgets, and devices, no one seems to be around. I was starting to get a complex. But when I ran into these same folks at World of Concrete, The Precast Show, or ConExpo, everyone said that they’ve been too busy to do anything but take care of business.

And thank that great concrete god, we are getting busy again.

And just as important, our industry is reinvesting in itself. Concrete plant sales are up. Truck mixers sales are increasing. And just as important, you are hiring again, albeit slowly, and carefully.

Our industry is blessed with great manufacturers and suppliers. Even with the depressed business climate, research and development has continued. And it has been at breakneck speed.

Their hard work is now my hard work. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting hundreds of new products, materials, and services that will allow you to be more effective in your businesses and grow your markets. Rather than to just dump and run these items, I’m working hard to present them in a way that you can view and consider.

For example, check out this new ingredient for concrete that may eliminate air entraining admixtures. There’s also a new CNG front discharge mixer and an updated silo bin weighing system.

But there’s plenty more to come. So to all those folks who I’ve met and learned from in the last six weeks, please be patient. I’m working thoroughly through my backpack and notebook.

But I do have one request that may speed up my process. An old friend last week at ConExpo saw me taping business cards into my notebook. He looked at me and shook his head. “Don’t you know there’s an app that can allow you to files those cards?’ he told me. And then he left without another word.

So can anyone recommend a good app that takes these images?