Located just outside of Austin, Texas, Rainbow Materials has 23 full-time employees and operates a fleet of 15 10 « cubic-yard ready mix trucks. Plant capacity is 175 cubic yards per hour. "I wanted to change the philosophy of concrete production," says Ramon Carrasquillo, the company's owner and president. "At Rainbow Materials we are trying to make concrete a product that enhances the construction project." Customer satisfaction is their number one priority: they customize their concrete for each job according to the contractor's concreting practices; they charge a fair price for timely delivery; they send faxes to customers to follow up on the delivery and elicit suggestions. Carrasquillo considers his drivers to be the key to the company's success. All the company's trucks are air-conditioned and all drivers are on call by radio 24 hours a day. Drivers are encouraged to continuously search for ways to enhance productivity and performance. Any driver has the authority to make important decisions, such as whether to return a load of ready-mix because it is not the correct mix for the job.